Generic Tramadol Brands by Indian Pharmaceuticals

Tramadol Manufacturing By Indian Pharmacies

Tramadol is one of the most popular and top selling product over the globe, there’s a 1000+ manufacturer of tramadol in different brand names over the world, In India there’s more than 300+ pharmacies manufacturing tramadol by their different brand names. More than million people estimated searching to Buy Tramadol Online.

Some pharmacies manufacturing tramadol by their generic names.
India is one of the biggest exporters of Tramadol to United States. According to stats, there were over 1.6 Billion USD worth of export of Tramadol from India to USA in 2016.

Patients across globe chose India to get their medications because

> Quality is extreme good
> No Prescription is required
> Prices are too low

But beside all these benefits, customers usually get wrong medications because they don’t exactly know which brand of tramadol they are getting.

Most of customers get confused while ordering in pill shape, color, brand etc due to so many replicas and similar looking pills.

To counter that, we have selected some of the Most Effective and cheapest Tramadol Brands available from India. All these brands are selected on base of Positive Customer Feedbacks and Reviews.

Tramadol (Oltram) Tablets – Manufactured by Hab Pharmaceuticals


ol-tram tablet


OL-Tram is one of the most trusted generic brand of consumers. It’s a white round pill with no Imprint on it. Its really effective and consumers first choice. Hab Pharmaceuticals manufacture Tramadol under brand name of OL-Tram in 50 mg and 100 mg strengths.

Tramadol (TRAMJET 50 mg) Capsules – Manufactured by SUNRISE REMEDIES PVT LIMITED

tramjet 50mg
TRAMJET 50 mg is actually capsules of Tramadol HCL manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt Limited. Its oval shaped orange color capsules having quality ingredients to treat Chronic Pain and Surgery Pain Management.

Tramadol (TRAMJET 100 mg) Capsules – Manufactured by SUNRISE REMEDIES PVT LIMITED

tramjet 100mg

TRAMJET 100 mg is actually capsules of Tramadol HCL manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt Limited. Its oval shaped Green color capsules works by affecting chemicals in the brain and nervous system which are involved in the sensation of pain.

Tramadol (Ol-tram) Capsules – Manufactured by Hab Pharmaceuticals

ol-tram capsules

Hab Pharmaceuticals not only manufacture the tablets but also they produce capsules. Capsules of Tramadol HCL also come under brand name of OL-Tram 100 mg and 50 mg. They are Green Color capsules which are quite powerful for serve pain and seizers.

Tramadol (Tranzex) Capsules – Manufactured by Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited

tranzex capsules
Ranbaxy is second largest generic medicine manufacturer in India. They do manufacture Tramadol in Green Capsule form under brand name of Tranzex. It’s very similar to Top-Dol and Ol-Tram in shape and often confuses the consumers.

Tramadol (Top-Dol) Capsules – Manufactured by Signature Pharmaceuticals

Top-Dol 100 mg capsules are manufactured by Signature Pharmaceutials and they are green color oval shaped capsules with high quality of Tramadol HCL as active ingredient.

Tramadol (Top-Dol) Pills – Manufactured by Signature Pharmaceuticals

Topdol 100mg

Signature Pharmaceuticals do also manufacture Tramadol in pill form like Hab Pharmaceuticals. The brand name of pills manufactured by Signature Pharmaceuticals is also Top-Dol. They are white color pills and quite effective and used for chronic pain.

Tramadol (Tremash) pills – Manufactured by Sunrise Pharmaceuticals.

tramesh tablets

Honestly speaking, Tremash by Sunrise Pharmaceuticals if not effected at all. We came to know so many bad reviews on this product. We do not recommend this product at all. Its also a white color pill like Oltram which usually confuses consumers.

SNo Brand Name Manufacturers Type
1   Acupain Eden Healthcare Capsule
2   Adamon (100mg) Zydus (G.rem) Sustained ReleaseTablet
3   Adamon (100mg/ 2ml) Zydus (G.rem) Injection
4   Adamon (50mg) Zydus (G.rem) Capsule
5   Adamon (50mg/ ml) Zydus (G.rem) Injection
6   Anatram (50mg) Hiral Labs Ltd. Tablet
7   Armadol Ardor Drugs Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
8   Asic Bhavishya Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Tablet
9   Atdol -DT Atoz Pharmaceuticals Tablet
10   Bestodol (50mg) Bestochem Tablet
11   Bestodol (50mg) Bestochem Formulations (India) Ltd. Tablet
12   Bestodol (50mg/ ml) Bestochem Injection
13   Cemadol CR (50 mg) Life Medicare & Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
14   Combitram Plenus Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Injection
15   Contradoc Biocin Healthcare Tablet
16   Contramal (100mg) AHPL Sustained Release Tablet
17   Contramal (50mg) AHPL Capsule
18   Contramal (50mg) AHPL Disintegrating Tablet
19   Contramal (50mg/ ml) AHPL Injection
20   Cosdol Coastal Healthcare Injection
21   Damol Daksh Pharma Injection
22   Damol SR Daksh Pharma Tablet
23   Decotram Worth Medicines (I) Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
24   Dolfre DT Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd Tablet
25   Dolfre SR Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd Tablet
26   Dolriz Ritz Pharma Injection
27   Dolta (1ml) Flora Biotech Injection
28   Domadol Unichem Laboratories Ltd. Capsule
29   Drobit Ubit Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Tablet
30   Eltram 50 DT Elite Pharma Pvt Ltd Tablet
31   Eltram P Elite Pharma Pvt Ltd Tablet
32   Euphodol Euphoric Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd. Injection
33   Hyperdol Paksons Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd. Injection
34   Inodol H.L.Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
35   Ivydol SR Sidhbali Formulation Tablet
36   Jpdol (50mg) Jpee Drugs Tablet
37   Kamadol (100mg/ 2ml) KAPL Injection
38   Kamadol (50mg/ ml) KAPL Injection
39   Madol (50mg/ ml) Allenge Injection
40   Madol-SR (100mg) Allenge Tablet
41   Mandol DT Shalman Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
42   Medol (50 mg) Mediez Pharma Pvt.Ltd Tablet
44   Mydol Shantam Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Capsule
43   Nobligan (100mg/ 2ml) AHPL Injection
44   Nobligan (50mg) AHPL Film Coated Tablet
45   Nomadol Notus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Injection
46   Nopidol Elysium Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Capsule
47   Novadol Radicura Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. Injection
48   Novadol (50mg/ ml) Radicura Injection
49   OC -Dol (50mg) Octane Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
50   Odel Lanark Laboratories Pvt Ltd Tablet
51   Ondol (50 mg) Shreeyam Health Care Tablet
52   Opi Ot Inj Elder Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Injection
53   Opi Ot Inj (100 mg) Elder Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Injection
54   Opigesic Health Guard (India) Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
55   Opiran Micro Organics Pharmaceuticals (India) Pvt.Ltd Injection
56   Painadol (100mg) FDC (Lumina) Injection
57   Painadol (50mg) FDC (Lumina) Injection
58   Painadol SR (50 mg) FDC Limited Tablet
59   Paine Pharma Drugs & Chemicals Capsule
60   Paxmax INJ (100mg/ ml) Molekule Injection
61   Paxmax INJ (50mg/ ml) Molekule Injection
62   Postadol (2 ml) Piramal Healthcare Injection
63   Postadol (50mg/ ml) AHPL Injection
64   Ramax Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd Capsule
65   Redimol (50mg) RBS Pharma Injection
66   Relidol (50mg) Juggat Capsule
67   Relidol (50mg/ ml) Juggat Injection
68   Sayodol DT Zota Healthcare Pvt Ltd (Sayona) Tablet
69   Sedate Venus Remedies Capsule
70   Simol Savoy Biotech Injection
71   Soztram Sozin Flora Pharma Tablet
72   Strom Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd Tablet
73   T – Dol Marc Healthcare Tablet
74   TOL (50mg/ ml) Gujarat Terce Injection
75   Traceta INJ (100mg/ 2ml) Active HC Injection
76   Tradol Rusan Healthcare Pvt Ltd Capsule
77   Tragesic Om Biotec Capsule
78   Tram Alchemist Ltd Injection
79   Tram (1 ml) Valiant Healthcare Limited Injection
80   Trama (50mg) Psycorem Disintegrating Tablet
81   Tramache Harson Lab Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
82   Tramache (1 ml) Harson Lab Pvt. Ltd. Injection
83   Tramacip Cipla Limited Capsule
84   Tramacon Consern Pharma Pvt Ltd. Capsule
85   Tramacon DT Consern Pharma Pvt Ltd. Tablet
86   Tramadol Hydrochloride Ciron Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Injection
87   Tramaflam Skymax Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. Tablet
88   Tramaflam (1 ml) Skymax Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. Injection
89   Tramagesic Allied Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd. Capsule
90   Tramak Neuron Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
91   Tramakind (100 mg) Raphael Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Injection
92   Tramasol Vista Healthcare Capsule
93   Tramataur Taurus Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Capsule
94   Tramazac (100mg) Zydus (Alidac) Tablet
95   Tramazac (50mg) Zydus (Alidac) Capsule
96   Tramazac (50mg/ ml) Zydus (Alidac) Injection
97   Trambax Ranbaxy Diagnostics Tablet
98   Tramed (2 ml) Comed Chemicals Pvt Ltd Injection
99   Tramed SR Comed Chemicals Pvt Ltd Tablet
100   Tramex (100mg/ 2ml) Intra Labs Injection
101   Tramex (50mg) Intra Labs Tablet
102   Trami 50 Raddison Health Care Pvt Ltd Tablet
103   Tramospas Tribhawan Injectables Injection
104   Tramot (1ml) Bennet Pharmaceuticals Ltd Injection
105   Tramot (2 ml) Bennet Pharmaceuticals Ltd Injection
106   Tramp Tab Nexus Biotech Tablet
107   Trandy DT Olcare Laboratories Tablet
108   Trasic Kopran Pharma Ltd Capsule
109   Trazac (50mg) Zee Laboratories Ltd Tablet
110   TRD – MD Modi Mundi Pharma Ltd. Tablet
111   TRD-MD (50mg) Modi Mundi Disintegrating Tablet
112   Treat (50 mg) Madhav Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
113   Trest (50mg/ ml) Biomiicron Injection
114   Tridol (50 mg) Alpa/Starry Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Capsule
115   Trim Arika Healthcare Tablet
116   Trofel Vensat Bio Tablet
117   Trofel (100mg) Vensat Injection
118   Trofel (50mg) Vensat Tablet
119   Troma -50 Meridian Medicare Ltd. Capsule
120   Tromar Aan Pharma Pvt Ltd Capsule
121   Tromy DT Cadex Laboratories Tablet
122   Trugesic Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd Capsule
123   Trump Alkem Laboratories Ltd Tablet
124   Trump (2 ml) Alkem Laboratories Ltd Injection
125   Typhon (100mg) Rass HC Injection
126   Ubitdol -50 Ubit Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Tablet
127   Ultram Inj (50 mg) Micro Labs Ltd (Micro HC) Injection
128   Ultram INJ (50mg/ ml) Micro HC Injection
129   Urgendol (100mg) Win Medicare Sustained Release Tablet
130   Urgendol (50mg) Win Medicare Capsule
131   Vardol (100mg/ 2ml) Zota Injection
132   Veeradol PRG Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
133   Vegadol -DT Vega Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Tablet
134   Xtram Saga Laboratories Tablet
135   Zotadol Zota Pharmaceuticals Tablet
136   Zotadol -DT Zota Pharmaceuticals Tablet

Tramadol works by affecting chemicals in the brain and nervous system which are involved in the sensation of pain. It also reduces the size or magnitude of the pain signal passed from one nerve to another. This Pain Relief Medicines are sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information. Additionally, if you are looking for Tramadol without Prescription, you must visit our Blogs below as we offer Free 100 pills of Tramadol on first order which no other can offer.

Free 100 Pills Tramadol (Source 1)

Free 100 Pills Tramadol (Source 1)

Free 100 Pills Tramadol (Source 1)

Free 100 Pills Tramadol (Source 1)

Free 100 Pills Tramadol (Source 1)


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